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18ct Gold Diamond Earrings   - TWD 25 half karat H-I / S I



Each and every piece of jewellery is handcrafted in NZ. Each pearl is unique and naturally grown so colour will vary from the picture/s shown.

A Grade is a Very good lustre with very little imperfections and a smooth surface. With a strong saturation of colour.

B1 Grade is again very good to good lustre. The surface can have moderate imperfections. With a good level of saturation of colour.

B2 Grade very good to good lustre. The surface may have moderate imperfections however show conchiolin lines. These are the dark lines you sometimes see on Abalone or Paua shells. The colour may be multicoloured.

C1 Grade our most popular grade. The lustre is good to fair. Can have heavier imperfections and have good saturation and colour.

C2 Grade The lustre is fair to poor and has heavy imperfections on the surface including conchiolin deposits.

C3 Grade is our lowest Grade. Luster is poor and dull. The surface has very heavy imperfections and you can feel the blemishes by touch. The colour can be dark.

Additional Information:

The bigger the pearl = the higher the price.

Top Price if the pearls are BLUE.

Orient pearl means it has a body colour with two or more overtones.

Regular pearl is just one colour or two colours.

Nacre pearls are used only on Rings and Bracelets.

The Conchiolin lines is the divide between two different layers of Nacra.

Our jewellery is usually made to order. We aim to ship all purchases within 10 working days from date of order.

Please note: International customers are responsible for paying any applicable customs fees, taxes, or duties your country may charge. Please also be aware of your country’s individual laws regarding imports; Arapawa Blue Pearls will not be held responsible for any item held by customs. Purchases in excess of NZ$1,000 may incur a small export/entry fee, we will contact you directly and advise of this if applicable.

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Wearability: Gem and mineral hardness, their resistance to scratching and abrasions is measured on the Moh's scale from 1 to 10. Like other pearls, Abalone Paua Mabe pearls require care because they can be scratched or abraded, as they have a hardness of 2.5 - 3 on the Moh's scale. Therefore, it is crucial to know that popular gemstones with higher hardness like diamonds, sapphires or emeralds can be susceptible to fractures and damage if worn without consideration. However, some people may be surprised to discover that a high hardness on the Moh's scale does not mean that these gemstones are indestructible. Therefore, we always recommend taking care of precious pieces of jewellery.

Pearl stability: Industry experts have estimated that a range between 85 to 95% of the global pearl production may be subject to a specific type of treatment, so it is better to stay away from dyed, impregnated, or coated pearls, as these treatments might alter their appearance or stability over time.

No treatments: Arapawa Blue Pearls are proud to disclose we do not treat our cultured Abalone blister pearls. So, you can enjoy the stability of your Paua pearl engagement ring. We would love to hear about your ideal proposal and dream engagement ring design. If you would like a cultured mabe pearl with no treatments, a certified and sustainable New Zealand origin, and set in a piece of jewellery made locally, we are ready for you!

Beach image for Arapawa Blue Pearls on Arapawa Island, Marlborough Sounds NZ
Our story is a simple one. We are two divers who fell in love with the abalone known to New Zealand Maori as paua. We found the perfect place at Arapawa Island to create a paradise to grow and protect them and raise our family. Now we share our passion and the exquisite cultured blue pearls with the world.
As a family business

We are dedicated to bringing you beautiful blue pearls and sharing our passion with you. As custodians of the unique New Zealand paua we focus on sustainability and what is best for the regeneration of this very special sea creature. Our dream is to create a secure future for the paua, and for our children and grandchildren, and to share with you our love for this picture-postcard land.

Team image for Arapawa Blue Pearls on Arapawa Island, Marlborough Sounds NZ
Mike and Antonia from Arapawa Blue Pearls on Arapawa Island, Marlborough Sounds NZ




I have had the privilege of staying on Arapawa Island, home of the beautiful Arapawa Blue Pearls. I watched the amazing process from the sea to production and am thrilled to own a precious piece of jewellery uniquely designed to showcase these exquisite pearls!



I got myself an amazing, beautiful gift from Arapawa Blue Pearls. Just the way the earrings look and just how gorgeous they are... it caught my eye.



Thank you, Arapawa Blue Pearls! It was lovely to meet you all and learn about the timely process of making these beautiful pearls. I shall treasure this piece.

Angela Bullen

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