Pearl Bangle Bracelets


    Why a Pearl Bracelet is the Perfect Gift

    A stunning pearl bracelet is an everlasting treasure that will become a family heirloom passed down through generations. If you are looking for something exceptional for someone important in your life, look no further than genuine pearl jewellery.

    Choose a One-of-a-Kind Pearl Bangle Bracelet

    Every real pearl bracelet purchased from Arapawa Blue Pearls is handcrafted in New Zealand. Our jewellers embed the finest naturally grown pearls in a sterling silver setting. Because they are made to order by hand, each bracelet is entirely unique. No two pearls are identical, and we can handpick the ones that best reflect your taste to craft a custom bracelet that suits your needs. You can choose the size and grade of your pearls so you know what you are buying before it leaves our shoreline.