Arapawa Blue Pearls are a small family owned and run Kiwi business. We are determined to make our fishery a long-term sustainable practice for future generations. We want to take every opportunity to share the tale of the unique Abalone-paua pearls we grow and our commitment to kaitiakitanga or guardianship in our local community. 

We invite you to be part of our korero:
- Visit our farm.
- Join our pearl tours.
- Treasure an abalone pearl.
- Stay with us and experience the energy of our beautiful and unique home.

Being a conscious consumer empowers you to buy products and services that align with your values and make changes for makers. You support fairer working conditions and environmentally conscious production when you buy from brands that honour their sustainable commitments.

We would love to inspire you on reflection, transformation, and action. Do you ever think about the people who make your jewellery? Have you ever thought about your jewellery's process before they get to you and how this affects the planet? We offer unique and sustainable growth pearl jewellery: certified New Zealand origin Abalone-Paua Pearls from Arapawa Blue Pearls. Untreated and unsurpassed in colour and lustre, the rarest blue pearls on earth come directly to you from our farm.

Each Arapawa Blue Pearl creation is one of a kind, so you may see the same design with different prices, depending on the size and grading of every cultured Abalone pearl. Contact us today and discover how we farm the finest, rarest, and most beautiful pearls from New Zealand, the Abalone-Paua Pearls from Arapawa Blue Pearls.

Sustainability Lovers