Give the Gift of the Sea With Blue Pearl Jewellery

Blue pearls are some of the rarest pearls in the world. These ocean gems come from the pāua - also
known as abalone - single-shelled sea molluscs native to New Zealand. Like the pāua’s shell, each pearl has a unique blend of blues and greens with iridescent rainbow overtones that catch the light. We use these beautiful blister pearls to make our blue pearl jewellery.

Sustainable Pearl Jewellery That Protects Biodiversity

We only use cultured pearls for our jewellery. The pāua grow in spacious tanks on land for three years and six months before we harvest their shells and turn them into pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, or rings. We also release most of the baby pāua born on our farm into the ocean to preserve the species for future generations.

Paua pearl jewellery for Arapawa Blue Pearls on Arapawa Island, Marlborough Sounds NZ

Buy Blue Pearl Jewellery in NZ

Whether surprising your partner with a blue pearl engagement ring or treating yourself to a pair of pearl earrings, our sustainable jewellery is the perfect choice. We design all our jewellery to tell stories of the sea, with classic and modern styles available in sterling silver and 9ct gold.