The Radons have always believed in giving-back and replenishing the wild paua stocks that support them so well. They do this through their scientific reseeding programme.

The Radon’s spawn paua seed from wild-stock adults and grow out thousands of baby Paua on their farm. When they are large enough 10 – 15mm in diameter they are released into the wild open ocean, this helps replenish the harvested stocks. The goal is to ensure the wild paua are there to be harvested by the generations to come. 

Reseeding paua starts by taking male and female parent paua and inducing them into spawning. Their fertilized eggs hatch after 24 hours and then swim for nine to ten days, depending on water temperatures.

At that point they are ready to settle into tanks. The baby paua are grown for approximately eight months when they are ready to be ‘planted out’ into the sea, averaging 10 – 15mm in length.

The Radon’s have been reseeding locally for nearly ten years now and during this time they have worked with scientists from New Zealand’s leading research institutes to help understand the intricacies and benefits of paua reseeding.

The Radons and Arapawa Seafarers Ltd are the only Paua farm left in New Zealand who undertake this reseeding; many have found it takes a lot of work and dedication to provide the Paua with their fresh water, cool temperatures and continued care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But the Radon family are not afraid of this work. It keeps them connected to the paua and to their industry, through thick and thin – a bit like a marriage, really! It’s a Passion that runs through them all – a passion for paua!