Meet the team

Mike and Antonia’s family started at much the same time as their paua hatchery, with the arrival of twins Sarah and Jacob in 1998. With two new babies and a shed full of paua babies it was busy times; made even busier when their 3rd son James arrived in 2002!
But they wouldn’t have it any other way and as the years have progressed they’ve learned to adapt to bringing up a family in the isolation of the outer Marlborough Sounds.
The children have been home-schooled through the NZ Correspondence School and this home schooling has allowed the children to have the best of both worlds – learning through both schoolwork and the hands on experience of the paua farm.
Now the children play an important part in the day to day running of the paua farm. Jacob is a super keen Diver, collecting the brood stock needed to start the paua seed process and Sarah is both the land based stock manager, working with livestock, and the pearl processing expert. Youngest son James does a bit of everything - to say the least!