Grading and Colours


The New Zealand Paua has the most beautiful shell in the world and that is reflected by the pearl that is grown inside the animal.

The colour of the Blue Pearl comes in a wide array of colours that is determined by DNA, diet (red, brown and green seaweeds) and water temperature all have an effect on the colour. All these conditions combined to give each Paua its individual colour and character.

Our Pearls are made up of layers of nacre and conchiolin secreted by the Paua. The Nacre is made up of the aragonite and Calcite crystals. The conchiolin is dark organic matter. The layers are a combination of biological and mineral bonding. 

The fluctuating mass of colours ranges from beautiful Blues and Greens, Gold and Pink with splashes of violets to ivory. Their distinctive colours make them a pure New Zealand Blue Pearl.