Men wearing and loving pearls is not a new trend; Indian Maharajas and British and European kings have worn pearl necklaces for centuries. It is well known that pearls have been a symbol of power in many cultures.
Pearls are timeless, elegant and surprisingly playful, and men today feel empowered to take risks with fashion and try new things. The trend of men in pearls continues to evolve and embrace gender fluidity. Pearls are surprisingly versatile as men's jewellery goes. Depending on their styling, they can be luxuriant, minimalist or statement-making.

There's also something else pearls offer: character. They give an intuitive sense of occasion, no matter how understated, to the wearer – whether adorning necks, wrists, ears, or clothing. Certified New Zealand origin Abalone-Paua Pearls from Arapawa Blue Pearls. Direct to you from our sustainable farm: untreated colour and lustre. The rarest blue pearls on earth.

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