Choosing a Pearl Necklace

Our wide selection of pearl jewellery can be overwhelming when you're trying to choose a gift for yourself or a loved one. We want your purchase to suit what you wish as a quality, one-of-a-kind piece you can wear casually and formally. Choosing the correct necklace is very important to us, so we want to help you make an informed decision when purchasing from us.

Round Pendants

The classic round pearl design can come in shades of gold or silver, with various designs inspired by marine shapes. Something as graceful as a curved hook can accentuate a square-shaped face's curves and soften it better than geometric designs with straight lines and pointed edges.

Classic Round Pearl  Round Pearl in a Modern Setting  Round Pearl in a Gold Hook

Oval Pendants

Oval pendants are less prolific in our stocks but have a different character than round pendants. Their longer rounded edge gives a different look to a classy circular shape, perhaps more suitable for someone with a similar face structure. The imitated likeness could be more impactful with this piece; that more incredible rarity will make such a necklace a more unique style.

Oval pearl set in silver  Oval pearl set in silver with a modern design

Tear Drop Pendants

Our teardrop pearls make for a flattering necklace, either pointing up or down, depending on what suits you best. With a long chain along your decolletage, an elegant V can lengthen a round face to give it a more symmetrical shape.

Teardrop Pearl set in Gold  Teardrop Pearl set in silver  Teardrop pearl and diamond necklace


Each shape tells a unique story in pendant choices, reflecting the wearer's style and enhancing distinct facial features.

Whether it's the timeless allure of round pearls in shades of gold or silver, the rare elegance of oval pendants with their pointed rounded edge, or the flattering grace of teardrop pendants framing the neckline, our collection offers a symphony of choices.

Embrace the rarity, celebrate individuality, and let your chosen pendant be the final note that harmonizes with your style, making every moment a masterpiece.