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By fishing at Naknek this season, we learnt far more about the river and the surrounding areas than when we started fishing in Alaska. We talked to our fishing partner, Glenn, on the Alex H. He didn't come to Naknek but had been catching as many fish as us. Alex H picture

 Brooch from Arapawa Blue Pearls New Zealand

So we flipped a coin! Heads were going back to the Nushagak or tails we stay. Heads it was, so we followed Sarah back to the Nush. We threw the net in on the following flood tide and fished the next four days, catching close to 5000 lbs daily, which was a godsend. This pulse of fish doesn't happen often, especially at the end of a season, so just when you think you have it all figured out, you've got it wrong! Nushagak map pic


During this period, the price was announced. Yes, we are only told the price at the end of the season. There had been rumours of a lower price, partly because fish from last year need to be sold first, so we expected something low. Not as low as 50c a lb though! It was a real bummer to know all our hard and the risks we took to get there, were almost all in vain. Lots of fish pic


Many boats quit. Some protested and started a protest. And some folk carried on fishing, which is what we did until the weather got rough, and that certainly is enough to say we're done with the season. It is dreadful for any fisherman with a new boat still having to make payments on it. Many fishermen sold their permits and a number of vessels were also put up for sale. Antonia and friend holding fish


We came home with Salmon in our bags and a beautiful farm to come home to without being put into isolation! And a busy tour season ahead. We are just thankful for the great Covdova boat that didn't let us down and knowing every season is different. Nothing lasts forever, so we must appreciate each day we have.

Pic flying over home 


Working as a family is a beautiful gift, and it is a pleasure to share this with you.

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